Piro® by Invent Medical is the most advanced 3D printed SMO on the market that will help you gain a competitive advantage.

Invent Medical is a strong independent family business with 30 years of experience in O&P and 12 years of development history in 3D printing.

We are your C-fab for advanced 3D printed products. Serving patients in over 40 countries on 5 continents, we are the global leader in 3D printed O&P.

Step into the 3D printed future, offer your patients the most advanced product, and gain new referrals.

Piro® is the most comprehensive SMO line.
There are 3 unique types of Piro® SMO - a perfect match for each pediatric patient.


Revolutionary flexible SMO

Unparalleled comfort

All around compression

Soft proprioceptive heel

Low-tone patients (1-5 yo)

Flex TW

Flex for Toe Walkers

All benefits of Flex

Extended posterior height

Optimized design

Toe walking patients (1-5 yo)


2-material SMO

Unique hybrid design

Comfortable adaptive innerboot

Soft proprioceptive heel

Pronation & supination version

Fusion TW

Fusion with posterior extension

All benefits of Fusion

Toe-walking patients


Heavy-duty SMO

Support & control

Thin, lightweight, breathable

Suitable for severe SMO cases

Wide range of patients

Active XT

Active SMO with extended height

All benefits of Active

Extended height

Additional strap

Wide range of patients

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    Offer a new generation SMO that
    is loved by patients, parents and PTs.


    Gain a significant competitive
    advantage and new referrals.


    Work in the way you are used to.
    And make it even easier with an app.


    Get your orders in 2 weeks.
    Made in the USA. Quality guaranteed.


    Piro® is a premium product at 
    prices comparable to other C-fabs.


    Online training and personal
    support gets you up to speed fast.


Make an order in 2 minutes based on measurements with Piro® app on your iPhone / iPad / PC & MAC

3D scan

Fast and convenient 3D scanning:
Take a 3D scan of a cast with Piro® app on your iPhone or iPad with a Structure scanner*.

Customer Voice

“Piro Flex SMOs fit perfectly and our little friend popped right up and almost started walking right out of the gaits!

Loved the feel and the fit of them and the PT referral that I was working with was very impressed with the design and low-profile fit of them.

Thanks again for making such a great product.”

Caleb Klinge, CPO
Orthotic Care Services

“My goal is to pursue adding integrated cushioning into our devices.

Piro® Fusion SMO has absolutely 100% nailed it!

These relief areas are incredible.

Not to mention to seamless transitions in this multi-material design.

This orthosis design is seriously everything I've ever wanted to incorporate into O&P devices.”

Derick Schmidt
Shore Prosthetics & Orthotics

“We've loved the Piro® Flex SMO's. Every time I fit a kiddo with them the measurements have been very precise and an overall great fit.

Parents and therapists are always impressed with the product and comment that it seems more comfortable than other products they've seen in the past.

It also seems to capture the calcaneus and provide a good arch and navicular support to correct pronation, without needing to add extra padding.

Our daughter has been wearing hers for about a month and hasn't complained once about wearing them and they seem to be helping her in every way we expected.

Customer support has also been very helpful and responsive to any questions, feedback or requests I've made. Overall a great product and company.”

Dallen Wheelwright, PT, DPT
Goal Pediatric Orthotics

“The patient and her mother couldn't say enough good things about the SMOs.

Some of the things that they mentioned were:

- They're much more lightweight and breathable
- The patient is able to done them independently
- They fit much better within the shoe
- The low profile allowed her not to go up a shoe size

Thanks for helping develop such a great product!”

Tiler Rose
Baylor College of Medicine

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